Supporting Curriculum Leaders Online

Working together on the Australian Curriculum

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) believes that there is no single way to implement the Australian Curriculum. It depends very much on your school's circumstances and context. We do know that there are key ideas and lessons we can draw on to inform decisions, both from research and from the field.

The resources within this site are a collection of websites, images and videos that draw on this research, as well as colleagues, to provide principals with practical information and tools to assist with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and development of leadership within schools with the National Professional Standard for Principals in mind.

Before you begin we suggest that you consider your own, as well as the school's learning needs.

This will enable you to choose from a range of resources based on key concepts such as:

  • how people learn
  • leading teams for curriculum innovation
  • relational trust
  • collaborative planning
  • professional learning
  • quality improvement
  • strategic planning
  • distributive leadership
  • culture change and engaging with the community.

Types of resources in this website

  • Web resource
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Image
  • Data
  • Activity
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